As Seen On "How They Asked by The Knot"

While spending the evening at dinner, with friends, they split off from everyone to walk around to a beautiful patio with a fountain and cafe lights sparkling. They pulled out some coins to make a wish in the fountain, and decided to get a photo together. While a friend was snapping the photos, Thomas told Monica his wish, and got down on one knee to ask her to marry him.

Ever since hearing their story, I have been so excited to meet these two and photograph their Engagement Session! Not only do they have such a sweet engagement story, but they are planning to have their wedding ceremony in a beautiful catholic church, followed by a reception at a downtown venue with beautiful city views! It is such a dream wedding!

We selected urban locations for their Engagement Session, with historic vibes and city views as well, to allude to the theme of their wedding. But shortly before our session, I received a notification that we would be unable to work in those parts of Fort Worth, because of an ongoing protest. We were able to quickly adapt our plan and decided to meet in different part of town, which was still absolutely beautiful!

This would be my first time meeting Thomas and Monica in person, and as I stood at our rendezvous point, I saw a lot of people walking past. Then I spotted a couple walking down the street and I thought to myself, "That couple looks incredible! I wonder if they're just going to dinner, or if they have an event they're going to this evening." Then it dawned on me that THIS was the very couple I would be photographing! It felt like I was on cloud nine!

Thomas and Monica were such a dream to work with! Not only did they look absolutely remarkable, but they are they incredibly sweet and their love for each other was so clear. Their genuine and authentic interactions made my job of documenting their story so easy! I felt so honored to witness and photograph their love and this season of their life.

Thomas and Monica, between an incredible session, a few protester cheers, and a helicopter hovering over us for nearly an hour, I'd say we've got a few good stories for the books! And I am so honored and excited to be photographing your upcoming wedding! Cheers to you both!