At the beginning of March, the new branding for Mordi Photographie went live and we opened a new chapter of business - a refined season of direction and contemporary elegance! And with the new rebrand, I offered a giveaway to celebrate! One of the giveaway winners was to receive a 1 hour photography session. Catrina and Ruben, who are currently planning their wedding, were fortunate enough to be the winners of the giveaway! Unfortunately, because COVID caused life as we know it to temporarily pause, so did the giveaway session.

However, as restrictions on public movement have started to lift, we were finally able to schedule a date and at the end of June we met in downtown Fort Worth to do the session! It was so wonderful to meet these two once again (we had met at a wedding back in February) and I absolutely loved photographing them!

Catrina and Ruben are such an energetic and powerful couple! I love the way that Ruben made funny faces to make Catrina laugh. And I especially loved that when she laughs, she throws her head back in the most genuine enjoyment of the moment. In fact, she told me that the thing she loves most about Ruben is that he makes her laugh EVER DAY! Ruben, that is a real super power!

All this authentic energy and laughter is wonderful to photograph! But we can't forget their other amazing photogenic qualities. I am telling you, they are a powerhouse. Throughout their gallery, you'll see a few more serious photos, where they absolutely owned the attention in the camera. Non-smiling photos can sometimes be tough, but they pulled it off with the most regality possible!

Enjoy the variety of authentic emotion and energy through Catrina & Ruben's gallery!


Kathryn Akomah-Mordi | Mordi Photographie

Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

Hair & Makeup

Maria Juarez | MJ Beauty

Fort Worth, Texas

Instagram: @m_j__beauty