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I will always trust her with my important events.

"Kathryn with Mordi Photographie did our Proposal/Engagement photos, and I was extremely happy with the experience! Her ability to guide us into the perfect moment for me to propose could not have gone better! (and she didn't give away the secret!) She has the ability to keep the photos extremely realistic, because she keeps us extremely comfortable. None of her photos look forced, or unnatural. It is also very obvious she loves what she does, and it shows greatly with her excitement! She truly has a skill for photography, and customer service. The lighting in her photos is always amazing. Never a dull moment, never a cringy photo, and I am always eager to show family and friends ALL of the photos. I have used Mordi Photographie multiple times, and I will always trust her with my important events(like my upcoming wedding!) I highly recommend her to anyone looking."

-Joe, Groom

Sparkling chandeliers in the ballroom at The Mason Dallas.


Is dashing and debonair. he is sensible and thoughtful and appreciates a well fitted suit. he strikes it hard in his career & he values leisurely time enjoying the finest things of life with those for whom he deeply cares.

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appreciates class and elegance, and a good dessert every now and then.She is poised and has a refined sense of style, but still dances in the kitchen. She values family & friends, true love and marriage that lasts.

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I am a Historian

But not the kind that goes to grave sites and digs through old archives of newspapers. I am the type of historian who documents history at it's very beginning. I am the historian who helps tell the story for the first time, and preserves it for future generations. I document the materials which goes into newspaper stories and journal entries and will be treasured for centuries.


“A photograph is the pause button of life.”

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