Sean had plans to propose to Maria, but he also wanted to make sure it was all photographed as well. He was going to take her to Trinity Groves and propose in front of the impressive Dallas Skyline. Everything had to be carefully arranged, so that she wouldn't suspect a thing!

When Sean called me, I knew this was going to be an emotional event that I couldn't miss! We planned exactly what he could say and do in order to get her out on the bridge before dinner, without catching on to the plan. We even planned exactly what cues to watch for, just before he proposed! I grabbed my longest lens, so I could hide out at a distance and still get close up shots. Then I pretended to be taking pictures of the skyline, just for good measure.

As they walked past, I casually changed my focus from the skyline to the two of them. Sean pointed out to the skyline, to catch Maria's attention away from him (and possibly me). That was the cue! As she looked toward the city, he pulled the ring box from his back pocket, and knelt down. When Maria turned around, she was absolutely surprised to find him down on one knee!

After she said yes, and they had a few moments to soak in their new title, "Fiance", the proposal became an Engagement Session. Talk about raw and genuine emotion in their portraits! Can't you just see how tender and loving they felt in that moment?