Hi, I'm Kathryn Akomah-Mordi

My husband and I have two boys and we are massive couch cuddlers and long walk takers! We also love good food and I often cook Nigerian or Thai food, but I do love eating at a great restaurant as well! Gourmet is where its at for me! And when we talk about desserts, gelato is my weakness! I absolutely love to travel (mostly eating my way through vacation) and I am so inspired by the architecture of the places we visit! Everything from glass sky scrapers to ancient chateaus keeps me captivated! Their artisanal quality are such an inspiration in my work!

I believe real is always more beautiful than perfect. And I am a firm believer that the way you feel while having your photo taken has a huge impact on the way you perceive the actual moments the photos encapsulate. So it is my number one priority to make you feel comfortable, authentic and lavished. When you are present, and connected to emotions, this will feed into the photos themselves. I have developed systems of creating genuine interactions that encourage real memories, so that your photos can help enhance, not replace, what happened on your wedding day.

Mordi Photographie laughs near a window at a studio in McKinney Texas.

Home Base

I live in Dallas, Texas and travel all over the metroplex for weddings and photo shoots! I love living in Texas because people are the sweetest, and its not as cold as Idaho, where I grew up. Plus, the heart of Dallas is just beautiful!


I am an adventurer at heart and absolutely love to travel! Whether it's for work or just for fun, I'm ready to hop in the car or catch a flight! I have done weddings in other states and I hope to photograph an international wedding one day!

Favorite Place

I've been to 6 countries outside of the US and of those, my favorite is France! Somehow I just vibed with Paris and fell in love! But I have many other cities on my bucket list and I can't wait to see some place new!

My Approach

The story of how a couple met, developed interest, fell in love and chose to spend the rest of their lives together makes my heart swell! And that is everything I work to exhibit through wedding photography! Photography is more than just images; it’s a real part of your day. Not only do you deserve beautiful images, you also deserve an amazing photographic experience. Radiant expressions, deep emotions and genuine experiences together are the hallmark of the MP Wedding Experience.

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