“Design that is thoughtful, minimalistic and fine tuned will always have high impact.”



Most of Lyons Events' weddings are not your average event. They are more contemporary, exclusive weddings with high impact. Linda Lyons is the owner and lead planner/designer. Her designs can be considered thoughtfully minimalistic because she takes the couple's vision and fine tunes it until everything becomes the most authentic version of the couple – the essence of who they are. If wedding guests can enter a ceremony or reception space and think “This is so perfect for [Insert Couples Names]!” then Linda knows she has done her job right.  

Based in Dallas, Texas, Lyons Events specializes in full service planning and design. Linda is the ideal planner for couples who are mature, fashion forward and looking for a guide. Her clients are trusting and simply need someone who can be an extension of themselves. Linda is an expert who creates quintessential weddings with tailored features that truly represent her couples.

The sister company to Lyons Events is Lyons Paperie, which can provide designs for save the dates, invitations, programs, menu cards, and signage to match the aesthetic of the wedding designs.

Portrait of Linda Lyons from Lyons Events, by Mordi Photographie.


Linda first got into event management in college when she worked with a large organization that handled the student activities. The events that she managed were always large-scale, usually involving musical acts, celebrities, or other remarkable entertainment. Although this work was more along the lines of corporate event management, she caught the attention of friends.

After graduating, when these friends started getting engaged, they asked her to take care of their weddings. As time went on, friend requests morphed into non-friend referrals, and Linda started taking on more formal clientele. However, she was still working her full-time corporate job. Five years ago, she made the decision to resign at her corporate job and run Lyons Events full time. Today, Linda is one of the most iconic wedding planners in North Texas.

Questions & Answers

A Conversation with Linda

Do you work solo or do you have a team?

"It takes a team to pull off a large event! I am the essence of Lyons Events and have extensive contact with each and every one of my couples' weddings. My right-hand woman is Brittan, who helps manage wedding days and extends my reach so that we can have more impact and logistical power. And I have a few additional assistants who help day-of."

Where are you based? Do you travel?

"I am based in Dallas and love the potential and resources that are available in this area. I serve couples all over Dallas and Fort Worth. I occasionally travel, but prefer to reserve that only for the most exceptional events."

What exactly does minimalist mean?

"Thoughtfully minimal design is not the same thing as basic or plain. It is taking away all the fluff and distracting elements and condensing the design to its bare essence. This way the design can be the most true representation of a couple, with the most impact."

What is most important about what you do?

"The most important part of my job is to get the clients married – that is the whole point of all of this. Through budget talks and family stress, I help my couples keep the ultimate goal in mind. I am really good at design, but the key impact is the memory and the celebration itself. I pull the strings to make the most important things happen." 

What is it like to see your designs on the wedding day?

"Seeing all the different pieces come to life on the wedding day is so fulfilling and awesome. I feel like I can look at my couple and look at the space and see an immediate connection! Each event is memorable and exclusive because of this."

What is your philosophy with planning?

"Finding a wedding planner is like dating. I have an in depth questionnaire so I can really get to know a couples' style and make sure we really are a good match. Then I send them a very introductory inspiration board with the essence of their design. Six months before the wedding I send extensive mock-ups and design ideas, so we're all on the same page."

What sets you apart from other planners?

"I would have to say my design eye. My style is very unique and so is my personality – I am a straight shooter and have a distinctive sense of humor. A fun fact is that I am perfectly matched between the right bran and the left brain - and it really has an impact on the way I plan and design a wedding. Couples don't have to compromise on logistics & organization to get creative design. With me they get both."

What is your biggest inspiration?

"The couple themselves are my muse. Also pop culture, fashion, artists and other things can be inspirational. But mainly the couple – I don't want the wedding to be a dressed up version of them. The best wedding is one that is fine tuned until it is a perfect representation of the couple. "

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