“My promise is to create a show that has a soft emotional beginning like a concert and then grows into a wild dance party.”


Goga Music fully launched in 2009, a Goga became a full time musician, performing of about 300-400 shows a year. His performances range from restaurant entertainment and private events to weddings and corporate events.

Goga can cater his music to all sorts of events. His experience includes Orthodox Jewish weddings requiring very long hora dance routine (more than just the standard Hava Nagila that most bands play), Indian weddings with Punjabi and Bollywood songs, and events catered to Latin people with bachata, reggaeton, Cumbia, merengue mixes. Goga can sing in over 10 languages and can cater to many different cultures

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Goga could always be found singing but he never knew he could make a career out of it. While he was in college he waited tables, but these were tough years because he was not a very good waiter. But then he saw live music at a venue and realized that if he learned some popular songs, he could easily do live music as well. He slowly started to perform in restaurants while amassing a song list from people’s requests. From there, people started booking him for private events. Today, Goga is an internationally acclaimed singer and musician. While he is based in Dallas, Texas, he is frequently requested to perform all over the globe.

From Opera to Top 40 and even rap, Goga's voice morphs to match the style of the song. He can perform Pop, Edm, hiphop, rap, 80s rock, 80s synth, Current Country, Texas country, oldies country, jazz, reggae, Latin reggaeton, merengue , salsa, bachata , Cumbia, Indian Punjabi, Bollywood, Bhangra, Jewish hora, Israeli pop, Persian pop music, and more ( including Portuguese, Arabic, Greek , French). Not only does he sing, but he can DJ for the crowd as well. 

Besides the various ethnicities that he can cover, Goga is known for his crooner type of covers of Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and his signature covers of Andrea Bocelli that’s nearing 200k views on YouTube . These are songs he especially loves to perform in a dinner setting, where he can serenade the guests, sometimes walking around the tables and singing.

Questions & Answers

A conversation with goga

What type of clientele do you serve?

"I serve a very wide variety of people ranging from Texas Country weddings to orthodox Jewish weddings."

How long do you typically perform at weddings?

"It depends on the event, but usually 4-5 hours."

Where are you based out of?

"I am based out of North Dallas."

Do you travel?

"Yes, I’ve been fortunate to travel to Perform on weddings in Mexico , Amalfi Coast of Italy , Geneva , Switzerland, Puerto Rico and all around the US."

Do you perform solo or with a team?

"I’m known as a One Man Show / DJ. But I also offer a full top 40 dance band with 11 musicians, including: rhythm section, horn section, violins section, and female singer (that can cover from Michael Buble to hip hop and current dance music). I also have options for the one man show / DJ with the addition of percussion and saxophone players ( if needed we can also add the female singer to this small setup)."

What sets you apart from other singers/musicians?

"My song list of over 2000 songs and growing all the time really sets me apart. My extremely versatile voice and ability to switch between singing and DJ-ing in real time while not dropping a beat is also unique. I also have an excitement and passion during the performance that gets everyone hyped up and on the dance floor."

What is your signature vocal style? What is your favorite type of music to perform?

"My signature is my morphing voice that can do a raspy and a clear tone. Being able to sing Andrea Bocelli & Chris Stapleton, Bob Marley & 50 cents is not a common skill, but something I can do with ease."

What should clients know about your services?

"I love to customize my events to the clients wishes. My life goal is lifetime learning . Which means I never stop learning new songs and genres. Once I get the feel for what people want on their event I won’t stop until I’ve done my best research to get the best music that fits their style . I often learn songs specifically for the event."

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