“Simplicity is always high impact.”


In 2016, Elizabeth Leese first opened doors to brides, dedicated to creating custom pieces for the modern bride. The experience brides have with Elizabeth Leese is personal and memorable, making it possible to say "Yes" to the right dress because of the customization and one of a kind pieces. Because Elizabeth Leese makes each by hand here in Dallas, brides have access to pieces that cannot be found off the rack. Their mission is simple: "Serve others. By caring and spending thoughtful time with each client, we are able to serve our brides with great purpose."


It may seem that Elizabeth made an unlikely transition from the deserts of west Texas into the fashion industry. However, because her mother, a studio artist, introduced Elizabeth to the visual arts a love of fashion was established. Museums, traveling and nature became her inspiration and even from the young age of 12, she knew it would be her life's work.

Elizabeth pursued her passion and graduated with honors and a BFA in Fashion Design from the University of North Texas. She expanded her industry experience at Nha Khanh, working her way from an intern to designer's assistant over the custom Atelier department. As she attended fittings and worked with custom pieces, Elizabeth became remarkably skillful with couture fit and design. There are two standards which drew her to the bridal industry and which she surely provides to her own brides; a niche market that has always called for exceptional quality.

Questions & Answers

A conversation with Elizabeth

Are you solo or with a design team?

"I always have lovely interns that make up the design team here at Elizabeth Leese. I am nothing without them!"

Elizabeth Leese Bridal

What type of clientele do you serve?

"We serve brides looking for one of a kind pieces that care about quality and where their products are made."

What is your signature style?

"Elizabeth Leese's signature look is minimal + modern. Simplicity is always high impact."

What sets you apart from other designers?

"We know and engage personally with each client and make truly original pieces rather than mass-producing gowns."

Elizabeth Leese Bridal

How did you get started?

"Designing wedding dresses was the career I dreamed of but was never sure it even existed as a job. During and after college, I worked for a high-end designer in Dallas where I fell in love with bridal and eventually left to create the Elizabeth Leese label. I've been in bridal for a few years now, but I don't know if it will ever sink in that I get to make wedding gowns for a living."

Do you have a favorite design?

"My favorite design changes week to week but I've recently looked back at a gown we made for a museum show- it's a sleek column gown with a sheer detachable skirt. The gown is made in silk crepe and hand cut + sewn organza flowers flow down the skirt. While making this gown I made the decision to leave the edges unfinished on the florals so that over time they would fray and change just like real florals."

Elizabeth Leese Bridal

What materials do you prefer to use?

"We love working primarily with silk crepe for sleek + clean looks. It's a flattering fabric with just a hint of sheen that looks and feels luxurious. Another plus is that our silk mill is located in the US and we love being able to support American made products."

What would you like to share with brides?

"I would love more people to know about how environmentally impactful custom design is! Since we do not mass produce gowns, fabric waste is cut significantly. We are able to control waste and recycle materials in a way that large companies cannot. The fashion industry is a leading pollutant and we want to do our part in reducing waste."

Elizabeth Leese

"Our main purpose is to serve others with great purpose. By caring and spending time with each client, we are able to serve them and create designs that reflect intentionality + thoughtfulness."

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