Brown Fox Creative Wedding Stationery

“I feel blessed to make unique pieces that become a part of the best day of someone’s life.”


In 2013, only three weeks after getting married, Kristin started work at a firm, doing graphic design. Weddings were fresh on the brain as she started her career. She enjoyed her first job, but finished her work quickly and found herself looking for more. Additionally, being a new college grad, and needing a way to pay the bills, she started an Etsy shop, featuring wedding stationery. Eventually the business grew to a point that she could not sustain both jobs so Kristin made the leap to full time business owner. She hasn't looked back since! Today, Brown Fox Creative is a boutique company specializing in full service custom wedding invitations and stationery. They focus on making the process not only easy, but personalized to each couple's style and needs. While serving luxury clientele with full custom design, Brown Fox Creative still makes their services available to the average couple with semi-custom options.

Brown Fox Creative Stationery


Kristin Hazelwood is the Owner and Creative Director of Brown Fox Creative. She also has a full-time graphic designer/office manager, two part time graphic designers, a social media manager/marketer, a part time social media assistant, a part time illustrator, and two production assistants that help with physical production of pieces (deckling, gluing, etc.). Kristin graduated with a bachelor's of fine art from the University of Texas Arlington, and worked six years as a graphic designer in a communication firm for clients such as American Airlines, JCPenney, DHL, BlueCross BlueShield, Alliance Data, Anheuser-Busch, Southwest Airlines, Safelite and many more. Her fine arts background and many years working for a myriad of clients have certainly given her a strong eye for stationery design, and her unique ability to create bespoke pieces.

Questions & Answers

A conversation with Kristin

Brown Fox Creative Wedding Stationery

What type of materials do you prefer to use?

"Paper, of course! But for embellishments I love foil flakes, vellum, wax seals and ribbon."

Brown Fox Creative Wedding Stationery

What services do you offer?

"We offer modern, customized wedding stationery as well as menus, place cards, signage, and more. We provide products that are foil-stamped, letterpress, thermographic, embossed, and laser cut, just to name a few."

Brown Fox Creative Wedding Stationery

Do you have a signature style?

"I have a broad range of styles. Most suites I create I would call "modern formal". But I totally love fully modern suites, and can absolutely create a classically traditional piece."

Brown Fox Creative Wedding Stationery

Do you focus mostly on custom design, or pre-designed stationery?

"I prefer custom design, but even with our semi-custom we allow quite a bit of customization."

Brown Fox Creative Wedding Stationery

Do you have a favorite design?

"I can never pick anything in particular as I'm always working on something new. My favorites are constantly changing — and that's the beauty of it. I'm never bored and I get to try something different with each and every client."

Brown Fox Creative Wedding Stationery

What sets you apart from other designer’s?

"The post-printing work (embellishing with wax seals, foil, deckling). I'm also extremely organized — my service come with timelines, reminders, and a super cool system to go through the design/proofing process. I also assist with wording, etiquette, and make sure whatever our design is that it's well-thought out, functional, as well as carried through all the stationery pieces."

Brown Fox Creative Wedding Stationery

What is the most complex part of what you do?

"The most complex part is making sure all the pieces will work well together in a suite, or across the whole of stationery being created. It also can be a complicated, time-consuming thing, getting files ready for printing + physical production — it's not just clicking "print"!"

Brown Fox Creative Wedding Stationery

What is your biggest inspiration in your designs?

"I truly can't pin it down to one thing or another. Inspiration comes from everywhere. I really try to focus on what a client likes, and is attracted to, and that tends to be my core focus when designing."

Brown Fox Creative

"I try to treat my clients like I want to be treated. If my wedding were postponed, be empathetic toward me. If I don't know something — kindly teach me. If I need something and I don't know I need it, tell me about it."

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