Samantha and Jonathan love spending time on the lake. They just bought a house on the lake, and they love going boating with friends. When he proposed, Jonathan took Samantha to their friend's dock at Eagle Mountain Lake, in Fort Worth Texas. As Samantha puts it, "He acted like it was another day out boating with everyone. Then as we were getting the boat all ready, he had me go look at my "surprise", which I thought was a new waterski. When I turned around, he was down on one knee! It caught me off guard, because I wasn't expecting it at all, but I could not have been happier!"

So when it came time to do their Engagement photos, they knew they had to involve Eagle Mountain Lake somehow, since it was such a sentimental place. That's when they had the idea of getting a sailboat!

I made the arrangements with the marina and a private sailor, to get a sail boat for the session. However, after a couple weeks of stormy weather, we almost gave up on the lake idea altogether. But in one last ditch effort, we headed to the lake just in time for the clouds to part and the rays of sun to grace us with its presence.

What ensued were images so unbelievably incredible that Samantha and Jonathan have to keep pinching themselves. You'll just have to see for yourself!

Next year they'll embark on another voyage, over to Turks and Caicos, for their intimate wedding on the beach. We are all so excited for that day to come!