I love everything about this photo except one thing. The pen. That may seem like a petty thing to say, but hear me out.

This image holds the story of a century. We catch a glimpse of words that matter so much - "Marriage Certificate", followed by the names of the bride and groom, the date of marriage, and the signature of the officiant... Extraordinary words! But looking at it all, and then seeing a clip on, click top pen just makes it feel a bit ordinary.

I would never want such an important moment, with such meaningful words to feel ordinary. That's why one of the very first gifts you receive from me is a gold Century Pen. It is a pen that will outlast your first anniversary, and your 50th. It is a pen that will write for a century! Not because the ink will last forever, but because the words it writes will create a legacy that withstands the test of time. It is the pen that will be used to record your vows and sign your Marriage Certificate. And it is the pen that will carefully compose love notes and apologies throughout the years.

It isn't really about the pen - that is merely a representation of the words that matter most. The words that are anything but ordinary - words that will last a century.

So when you hold the pen, feel the weight it truly bears. When you see it in your photos, think of the part it played in your legacy. And when you read the words it wrote, remember they will outlast you.

Pro Tip:

The box in which you receive your gift can become your keepsake box.

Before your wedding: Place all your special details inside the box, and have it ready for me to photograph. This will include items such as your Century Pen, vow books, rings, jewelry, borrowed & blue, perfume and heirlooms.On your wedding day, I will grab this box along with your dress & veil, shoes, and flowers and photograph these details very first.

After your wedding: Let the box hold all your wedding keepsakes, love notes and apologies in one place. It will become a sentimental treasure for generations. You can even keep your Century Pen and a blank notebook inside for meaningful words yet to be written.