As we established in the blog post "Details That Tell The Story", having your details photographed on your wedding day is a huge part of your wedding aesthetic and story. But the question still remains, beside your wedding bands and invitation suite, exactly what details should be included?!

This post is designed to outline details already have, that will need to be photographed, as well as give you ideas of other accessories and heirlooms you may want to include in these sentimental photos.

Bridal Accessories

This list of items will generally cover all the bases of details you already have, sentemental details you may want to include and inspiration you may want to consider. For your convenience, each inspiration detail has been linked to my favorite shop where these can be purchased.

Place your details in your keepsake box, or in the case of your dress and shoes, keep them all together. These are the first things I will photograph when I arrive on your wedding day (Please assure your mom that I will take GREAT care of the dress, and every other item as well, I promise!)

Evident Details

  • dress
  • veil / hair pieces
  • rings (all three)
  • shoes
  • bouquet
  • jewelry
  • perfume
  • invitation suite
  • vow books & century pen

Heirlooms & Sentiments

Groom's Details

When we think of detail photos, we often think of the Bridal accessories. But you should also include the Groom's details in your box, or create a completely separate box for his items! Here are a few of his accessories I will photograph:

Evident Details

  • shoes
  • tie/bowtie
  • cuff links
  • boutonniere
  • cologne
  • watch

Detail Inspiration

  • university ring
  • letter to the bride
  • monogrammed handkerchief
  • tie clip/pin

Match Your Aesthetic

While selecting your details and accessories, keep in mind the aesthetic of your wedding. Grooms wouldn't wear cowboy boots to a ballroom - and you wouldn't adorn your timeless invitation suite with jute. If your wedding is more classic and elegant, you might consider loose romantic velvet ribbon. Whereas a marble dish is the perfect accessory for a chic, modern wedding. Also ask your florist to provide loose florals that will match your bouquet, to use for detail photos.