At some point, every bride comes to the decision whether or not to have a veil. Will it be too much of a hassle? Will it take away from the dress? Or will it be the accessory that makes the biggest impact?

I would definitely argue the latter, and this is why. First of all, veils are timeless and classic. They never go out of style and they always offer an element of femininity and romance. Plus, they pack a huge punch in pulling your look together and creating show stopping images!

Here are 5 veil shots you need on your wedding day! And if you are still worried about the logistics of wearing a veil, watch for an upcoming post with tips and suggestions for veil use!


Veils are amazing for creating interest in detail photos. Whether it's styled with your invitation suite or draped effortlessly over your hands and ring, a veil is a miracle worker!

The Swoop

One thing that makes an amazing portrait is lead lines. That means something in the image creates a line that draws your eye to the subject. One of my favorite ways to use veils during portraits, is to create lead lines!

Covered Face

If any of your veil portraits is going to be timeless and classic, it will be this one! This is the picture you might see from your own grandmothers wedding, and it will be the one your grandchildren will dream of having at their own wedding.

Spread Wide

When you wear a veil, you need a picture of it spread out wide behind you. Whether the picture is close or far, having the veil fanning out behind you is classic and romantic.

His Hands

One more detail you will want a picture of is your husbands hands photographed through your veil. It is especially sentimental when his ring can be seen.