After meeting on the metro in New York City, the couple gradually fell for one another and began dating. Their intimate COVID wedding celebrates the landmarks of their love. In virtually every part of the day, there are subtle nods to the couple’s story. Of course, the invitation suite and table numbers depict iconic New York markers, and if you look closely, you can even find metro tokens from the year they met. A train whistle seating chart invites guests to find their destination, and mini cheesecakes help guests indulge in the opulence of New York. 

The couple’s signature cocktails, the New York Sour and the Manhattan, not only reference their home state – but they also feature a special spirit, Woodford Reserve. This is significant because friends know the groom as Mr. Reserved, and Woodford Reserve became his trademark bourbon. In the same turn, because the groom started using “Sweet Pea” as his pet name for the bride, sweet pea flowers are sprinkled throughout the bouquets and floral arrangements. And at the end of the day, the couple’s farewell is rooted in their beginning – with a train ride. 

With the natural disasters Texas experienced the week prior to this event, several adjustments were made at the last minute. This impacted the wedding party apparel, florals, rentals, guests, and even the venue. But with a powerful creative team, alternative options were rapidly sourced, and the event came together in a more remarkable way than initially imagined.