When I first moved to Texas, 3 years ago, I was needing to refresh my makeup supply, but I used Mary Kay, and my consultant was still back in Idaho. So I went online, entered my zip code, and looked to see if there were any Mary Kay consultants near me. I selected one of them at random, but happened to pick one of the best! Kandace became my new consultant and makeup expert! And in the past 3 years, she has not only provided makeup for me, but now some of my most show-stopping images! I am honored she would let me take their photos!

And a side note, don't they look like real life Barbie and Ken? Oh they're gorgeous people! 

I was beyond excited when I got to take Kandace and Todd out for pictures in the city! I have wanted to do skyline images for a while now, and I especially wanted to feature the Fountain Place Tower! It's my favorite building in Dallas because it is so glamorous, sparkly, and its my favorite color. Plus I am a little bit of an architecture nut! :) After our session, Kandace told me that her grandfather actually helped to build it! So featuring it in their photos was a good decision all around!

And how fun is Kandace's jump suit?! Believe it or not, Todd picked it out for this session. I would definitely say his style preferences are as good as hers - and her style is always on point! One instance of this is the extraordinary lace gown she selected for the second half of their session. I am a firm believer that you can never be over dressed, especially for pictures. You won't ever regret dressing up more than usual.

Disclaimer: That definitely doesn't mean you won't find me lounging in my house (or headed to the grocery store) in leggings and a t-shirt. That is what I LIVE in 90% of the time. But if I'm going to get dressed up for something, I would rather look my very best than be under-dressed. 

During the second half of Kandace and Todd's session, we went Uptown to this adorable little street full of shops, sparkling glass windows and an adorable gated doorway. I had spotted it a few months back when Limi and I went to update our phones at the shop next door. I stared at the gate for probably 20 minutes thinking it would be a gorgeous location for photos. Limi probably thought I was crazy, as well as my friend, who I raved to about it the next day. But when you get that inkling about a location, and you just KNOW its going to be good, you just have to trust that! I could not have asked for better results!

Believe it or not, half the street was a construction zone with gaping holes in the sidewalk and orange caution tape everywhere. But that is the beauty of a great camera and the perfect lens!

See some of my favorite pictures from their session below, and check out their article published on Basic Invite!