Five years ago today, Limi and I were headed to meet with a wedding photographer. We had talked about getting married and looked at rings, but I had no clue that he had actually purchased my ring. Despite the fact that he hadn't yet proposed, we wanted to get in with our photographer before she booked up. Limi had secret plans for me, though. 

He called my mom ahead of time and they arranged for him to have the "conversation" with my dad and get his blessing. I knew about that part, but expected it to be an event that would take place weeks before the proposal. They also secretly bought a bouquet of flowers and put the ring inside a rose. 

After meeting with our photographer, and having the conversation with my dad, Limi came down the stairs. I would say he looked white as a ghost, but with his complexion, that wasn't really possible. He looked worried though. I absolutely thought my dad had refused to give his blessing! My dad came out and handed me a bouquet of flowers... initially I thought they were just a consolation prize! 

But then I noticed the ring, and Limi coming down on one knee. My mom was there with her camera, and my brother watching intently. What did *this* girl do? I threw myself at Limi and hugged him, before he could even get the question out! Limi still gives me a hard time about that. And the important thing is we are now coming up on 5 years of marriage and they have been the best of my life!