Many people would immediately run away from the idea of a photo session on a rainy day. I was once one of those people as well. But after photographing Blair & Christopher's Sundance Square elopement in the pouring rain, I have had a change of heart. In fact, when it starts raining, and I see the city lights reflecting on the wet asphalt, I feel a wave of desperation come over me to photograph a couple with the spectacular rainy mood.

It all started with this elopement at the Tarrant County Courthouse on New Years Eve, 2020. The couple was staying at the new Sinclair Hotel, in downtown Fort Worth and had an appointment with the courthouse in the afternoon. So we decided to incorporate both locations into their wedding photos.

The week before these two were to elope, the weather was sunny and golden - what I had previously considered perfect portrait weather. But as the weekend approached, dark skies and rain clouded the forecast. I checked in with Blair, in case they wanted to move to an indoor location, or push their session back a couple of hours. But she was ever trusting in my ability to handle whatever mother nature threw our way.

So we proceeded, equipped with umbrellas, rain jackets and camera covers. Blair and Christopher were champions in the rain and cold. And although by the end my fingers were too cold and stiff to move much, I was more inspired by this session than I had been by any other. The rain drops smeared in the photos, the light reflecting off the streets, and the purely authentic state of Blair and Christopher made this session one of the most defining projects of my career.

This couple and these images are simply iconic.