Since I've been obsessing over it for the past few weeks, you probably know about our Anniversary trip to Paris at the end of April. If not, you can read about it here! From the day we booked our flights, I knew I wanted to schedule a photo session in front of the Eiffel Tower. I definitely planned on bringing my own camera to Paris, so that we could take pictures as we wandered the streets, but those would be nothing compared to an actual photo session, where we could dress up and BOTH be in the photos (at more than an arms length). From the get go, I've envisioned these pictures hanging on my bedroom walls, and I've schemed about exactly what colors we would wear, and which photographer and hair and makeup artist to hire. We booked a sunrise photo session, to get the most beautiful and soft light at the Eiffel Tower.

Then, I woke up at 5:00 am, even with jet lag - so that I could meet my hair and makeup artist. However, almost the whole time we were in Paris, it was super cold and rainy. I started to worry about what would happen if we got rained out from our session. I contemplated changing my vision to include an umbrella in the photos, or finding some indoor location to use. But with prayers and a good wind, the rain left us alone the day of our session! It was the ONLY day with clear skies and, despite being very cold, I would say it was a perfect day! 

I did hurt my leg the day before our session, so it was pretty tough to walk around and climb stairs, let alone dance! But luckily my limp isn't super obvious in any of the photos! Initially, Limi wasn't too excited about the idea of doing a photo session, but even DURING the session, he expressed how grateful he was that we could have that experience. These photos are basically our only "souvenirs" from our trip and they hold all of our most precious memories from Paris. Well needless to say, I had quite high expectations from the photo session, and last week I started to panic! What if I put all this money and effort into this session, and then I don't love the images? What if I look totally awkward? Is my hair too poofy? 

But when we got our photos this week, I have been so happy! They are everything I had envisioned, and I am so grateful that we have them! 

Honestly, it was fun and refreshing to be the one on the other side of the photography experience, being the client and photo subject, rather than the photographer! I feel like I can empathize much better with my own clients, and it gives me better insight on how to put people at ease, and how to give the best directions possible during my booking process and my sessions! 

Enjoy the photos and the view, because I sure am!