From the time I was about 12 until my last years in high school, I took a lot of ballroom dance classes. We did a lot of performances, but also held a lot of balls! These were in legitimate ballrooms with all the live music, sparkling chandeliers and ambiance ones heart could ever desire! I learned that there is an element of class and elegance in these settings that I couldn't find anywhere else!

Later, when I started my bachelors degree, my first thought was to become an Architect. My love of ballrooms, and every other form of classic and modern architecture consumed me! I often drew sketches of rooms and buildings, just to satisfy my love of old and new architecture. Once again, I recognized elegance and sophistication ingrained in the soul of my passions.

When I started photographing weddings, I was often brought back to settings that hinted at my ballroom experience and reminded of my deep love of architecture. Urban photo sessions, hotel weddings, classic church ceremonies, ballroom celebrations. The elegance of the whole thing makes my heart race and I feel my creativity grow exponentially. I also learned something that has been pivotal for Mordi Photographie.

Not all weddings have the classic sophistication and contemporary flair that is so inspiring to me. That is okay, because not all couples and photographers are inspired by the same things as me. But I realized I needed to hone in my craft and focus only on weddings with classic elegance and sophisticated elements that reflect my skill. So with a lot of time and work, I have been preparing a brand for Mordi Photographie that will ultimately stand as a representation of the high-end experience couples will experience as they work with me. The launch will be coming soon, but today I am excited to share with you a Pre-Wedding Session that has a perfect blend of classic and contemporary flair!


Church of the Incarnation

Dallas, TX


Beauty By Liz

Dallas, TX


Elizabeth Lee Bridal

Bedford, TX