Every wedding I photograph has hosts of images that are filled with the life and personality characterized by the colors selected for the day. While I absolutely love color images, there is something entirely enchanting about black and white images. Perhaps it is that with the colors stripped away, the characteristics that remain are purely based in light and emotion. These elements, which are authentic and raw, have absolutely captivated me!

A typical wedding gallery is only comprised of about 15% black and white images, which are usually duplicates of color images. Sometimes I may prefer an image in black and white, but my couple prefers it in color, or vise versa. So I like to keep those options open.

However, today I wanted to share a small collection of images entirely in black and white. Pause a little longer than usual. Observe the details. Soak up the emotions. And allow the monochromatic world to charm and delight you. Then tell me if you aren't becoming a splendid lover of black and white imagery.